FIBC Big Bag

FIBC / Big Bag (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container)

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are most popular form of bulk goods packaging bags in market. FIBC Bags are commonly known as Big bags, Jumbo Bags, Bulk Bags, One Ton Bags, Bulk Bags, Bulk Container Bags, Container Bag, Cement Bag, Mail Bags, Mesh Bags, Woven Jumbo Bags which are used for transporting various types of industrial materials.

FIBC’s are three dimensional bags made for weight carrying capacity ranging between 0.5 ton to 2 ton (sometimes more) and are made of flexible UV stabilised woven fabric. They are available in variety of forms like single loop, double loop, Four loop etc., and sometimes also have spouts for filling & discharge of materials.

FIBCs are available in several standards and specifications and are renowned for long lasting & its durability. FIBCs are widely demanded for transportation purpose as these bags have an excellent attributes that meets transportation requirements.

With a wide variety of Lifting Options available these bags can be transported in a very easy and simple way. FIBCs are extremely Easy to handle for Transport & Warehousing purpose.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or Big Bag is an Industrial continer are made of Polyproplene flexible Material that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic.

FIBCs are most often made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene, either coated or uncoated, and normally measure around 110 cm or 45–48 inches in diameter and varies in height from 100 cm up to 200 cm (39 to 79 inches).Transporting and loading is done on either pallets or by lifting it from the loops.

Types of FIBC / BIG BAGS offered by Omex Polypack:

  • Standard Bag - Cross Corner Bag
  • Circular Bag
  • Tunner Lift Bag
  • Buffel Bag
  • U Panel Bag
  • Full Loop Bag
  • Conductive Bag
  • Single Loop Bag

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